The Prequels Strike Back

Where were you when the Star Wars prequels came out? Were you just a child and these films were your first introduction to the saga? Or were you long a Star Wars fan, waiting a generation since the original trilogy? Everyone has a story about the Star Wars prequels. This documentary is about those stories.

Film Genres and Hollywood

Do you like comedies for the laughs? Or are you more drawn to the allure of space and travel in science fiction? Perhaps you appreciate gangster films or gritty war pictures? If so, this series is for you. Film Genres and Hollywood is a seven part web series exploring some of the film industry's most exciting genres.

A Timeline of World Cinema

A Timeline of Cinema is a documentary web series which follows the history of cinema over the last century. The series introduces landmark films, influential filmmakers, and critical ideas in film theory from cinema's birth to modern day.

The Bounty Hunter

The times are changing at the turn of the 20th century, but at Crusty Rusty's Tavern deep within the American frontier, life carries on in the ways of the Old West. Prompted upon the arrival of a shadowy figure, the bartender Crusty Rusty recounts the yarn of the mysterious cowboy to a drunk and curious patron named Noodles.

The System Stone Saga

The system Stone Saga is a science fiction fantasy revolving around the mysteries of the Native System.

The Fool

Emmet Gray is an aspiring science fiction filmmaker in the wake of a dark revelation about the scale of his dreams and his place in the universe. In a paroxysm of despair, he destroys his work, unaware of the impact of his outburst on his mother and his best friend, Sarah. But Emmett will soon learn that his dream, like a flame, has spread.

MiniCine Shorts

Quick shorts and one-offs, typically revolving around one central theme. These shorts are made for fun and to test out new ideas.

Learning Curve

Learning Curve is an educational series by the Ministry of Cinema. The team discusses mistakes made through all stages of its projects to help fellow filmmakers with their projects.

Behind The Scenes

Take a look into the production of some of our films.